Sound Reactive Quits working after power cycle of unit

Installed SR version of WLED on ESP32, attached MAX4466 mic GND to ground of PSU, Output to D35 (changed in WLED to match the pin instead of D36) and VCC to 3v3 on ESP32. LED’s worked great for a couple of power cycles. After that the sound reactive portion quit completely. The only way to get it to work again was to re-flash the ESP32 with the WLED SR firmware? No idea what could be causing it.

I know the analog mic is not the best, but it does work. Just not all the time. Has anyone experienced the same issue? and if so how did you fix it?

Many thanks.

Yes I experienced the same issue with MAX4466 and wled and the fix is use max9814 or a digital mic . The MAX4466 does not work very well with wled and will have such random behavior

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Thanks, I ended up using the digital Microphone, it worked great so i posted a link to my project in the projects section. Thanks for your help!