SR WLED issue with MIC

I’ve just flashed SR-WLED version 0.13.2 but sound-reactive is not working.
There is a ICS-43434 microphone connected as following:

  • SD= GPIO18
  • WS= GPIO5
  • CK= GPIO19

    I there is a WS2813 led strip connected, 45 leds; I selected the “Gravimeter” effect but nothing lights up.

At this point I compiled the project from source with " -D MIC_LOGGER" #define.
this is what I read from serial plot:

It is really strange, so I also read up the PINs with the oscilloscope:


The signals are OK, so I can’t undersand what is not working.
Please, have you got some hints to give me?

Be aware that SR is another branch done by others. :wink:

Yes, I know. If I’m not wrong, they have not a community forum, and also people that are developing SR WLED are here on this community, that’s why I’m writing here :relieved:

Some update after lot of tests:
I have tried three different ICS-43434MIC and 2 new INMP441 modules. Ultimately, the ICS-43434 is not a working microphone - all the ones I’ve tried only produce noise. On the same PCB with the same firmware and the same settings, the INMP411s work correctly.

ICS-43434 in silent room

ICS-43434 knocking on the table

INMP441 in silent room

INMP441 knocking on the table

now my PCB is working fine with INMP441.
I hope that this info could be helpful!

This is not really good news nor a solution , as i seen some of this discussion on SR discord might be no need to go over the details again , still it would be best if you verify those ICS-43434 mics with bare esp32 as the same mic is mentioned on sr wiki to be working well .

If you already verified that three ICS-43434 do not work with SR 13.2 or 14 beta on bare esp32 then please post a link to the source you got those ICS-43434 mics from so we could check with the seller . if you have a faulty mics as you suspect then I hope your first step is to file for a return

Yes. I did it. I wired the MIC to the ESP32 devkit. I tried 3 of them alternating with INMP441 without changing any config and also reading signals with the oscilloscopes to be sure thath the wiring was good.

I bought them from Digikey, it is a certified distributor.

Are you using ICS-43434?

We were planning to order some ICS-43434 for testing only based on the wiki
but if you got an issues with bare esp32 then we might hold on that for a while .
we only used INMP441s as we could not find any readily available ICS-43434 on Alie .

I’m using some of these INMP441, although not for anything particularly much in the way of precision or high quality.