AudioReactive activation


I have two ESP32 running two 16x16 WS2812 matrices.
On both I flashed WLED v0.14.0.-b1 “Hoshi” build 2212222.
The environment is on both esp32 v3.3.6-16-gcc5440f6a2 (0)

One I have flashed around 4 weeks ago (I don’t remember how, I guess it was an online tool) and the other one I updated today from 0.13.3 today by its build-in manual OTA update.

But there is a difference:
In one I have the AudioReactive usermod, and the other one has not.

But I need it in both. So how to activate or install WLED including AudioReactive usermod?

Any hint is welcome.
I can’t simply flash the second unit like the first one, because I do not remember how and where I did this exactly.

Thank you and best regards,

See if you can OTA both to this firmware: WLED-wemos-shield/WLED_0.14.0-b1_ESP32-WLED-sound.bin at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

I think I found the website again.
I used this one, and here it is possible to install the same version with active AudioReactive usermod:

It works :slight_smile:

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