WLED / WLED Sound Reactive

I installed WLED and it works great. Now I wanted to switch to WLED Sound Reactive. Unfortunately, the LEDs are no longer controlled with this. The PIN’s 16,17,18 go then I put 19 or another to flicker all LEDs. But all worked in advance. I tested it with version 12 of Wled. Can you give me another tip? The last version of WLED Sound Reactive is with Wled 12 or already at 13? is there a problem with version 13 with multipin?

So far no problem. You can try ready bin file from here WLED-wemos-shield/SR_esp32dev.bin at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub


Can I switch off the 2D matrix, I don’t need that. It doesn’t work that way because my strips have different heights. It has worked before. Eder should be controlled separately.

:grinning:so it should look like

Hi there,
I’m just doing my first attempts with WLED SR. It works very well with an LED stripe.
But I have now ordered an 8x32 LED matrix. How can I configure “2D-Matrix” in the config of WLED? (See your figure) These points do not appear under LED configuration for me.
I am using an ESP D1 mini and WLED V0.13.0-b3

Thank you for your response