Help with Presets and segments on WLED Sound Reactive v0.13.1

WLED Noob here.

I have just installed WLED SR v0.13.1 on my ESP32 DevkitV1 and connected to my 180 WS2812B LEDS and microphone successfully. Everything works great until I try to get fancy and set up my LEDS as segments and save the patterns and segment configuration as presets. I have a series of 4 LED rings side by side and want the pattern to alternate direction on odd numbered segments so they look like turning gears. Configuring it works but the configuration is lost when the ESP32 is rebooted.

I have tried backing up the configuration and presets but they never restore.

I get the error "Sorry, there was an issue loading your presets! Here is a backup of the last known good state. "

{“0”:{},“1”:{“n”:“TestPreset”,“win”:“Please refresh the page to see this newly saved command.”}}

Any advice would be really appreciated.

thanks :slight_smile:

Check that your file system size >60k. If not, you had a bad flash, so use instead.

SR 13.1 Dev is having bugs as per the dev team . Please use SR 13.0-B6 at the moment

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Thanks guys,

I just flashed 13.0 B6 as suggested and it seems to work as I want. thanks for the advice and sorry I missed the bug report from the dev team…

Can you please share the downloading link?

If you are interested in compiling SR13.0-B6 then use above link but if you want to use ready-made binary then flash from the first link tony listed here or ( There is a wrapping bug at the end of the flash but it works if you unplug the MCU ) .

If you use OTA or ESPhome Flasher with SR13.0-B6 then your MIC might not work correctly so its better to use the above links .