WLED SR and WLED in tandem

Hey there guys. A newbie question. I’m setting up 8x quasar lights using RGBW SK6812 60pm Addressable LEDs at 1200mm lengths with say 4-5m tails so I can move and position them around the room. I’ve gone down this rabbit hole getting a ESP32 with an INMP441 Microphone so I can use these lights with my band and not have to control them while playing.

I am powering everything with a 5v 60a 300w power supply. Hopefully I did my sums correctly.

So what I am doing is powering the LEDs using wago clips on the negatives and positives and then using another set of Wago clips for joining the data cables. Is that the correct way to do it?

My real question is, with the Sound Reactive version of WLED does it have an option to run the lights without using a sound source so I can use them as normal lights or will I have to use another ESP32 in tandem or separately so I can chose between the two using the app?

I do have a sp901e Signal Amplifier/Controller and an SP107E Bluetooth music controller coming as I found the ESP32 afterwards. Maybe I could use the SP901E and use the ESP32 as the controller?

PIC below just for reference of what I’ve made as a tester -

I am not sure if you are facing issue with mic or not but for the audio reactive usermod yes you can o run the lights without using a sound source , just trun off audio

Awesome. I’m still awaiting bits to turn up so I can do some physical testing but it all seems like what I’ve planned will work on paper. Really appreciate the response.

Just another question. I followed Chris Mahar’s video using the microphone he suggested (INMP441) and have found that the mic isn’t as reactive as his, unless I’ve killed it in the soldering process. I really have to make a loud sound close up for it to register. When I touch the L/R pin it lights up into action as I must be earthing it out somewhere.

I have plugged the LED Music Controller SP107E and it’s far more responsive. Obviously I have less control using the LED Chord app. Is this something you’ve come across at all and can offer me some advice?

INMP441 is a good mic , still some including myself had issues with them when soldering if too much flux is used and it somehow reach the mic opening ( i have two that did not work ) . else if you wired it correctly it is very reliable mic in my case and very sensitive with default gain .

Yeah maybe it’s a broken microphone. I’m not the best at soldering especially small stuff but I had all the connections correct but some solder did make it to the outside ring so I’m not sure if i damaged it there. See pics.

I have ordered another 3 so I should hopefully get good at soldering them or there’s going to be a couple of good ones amongst them. Thanks for the response though.

If you want to check if the mic is damaged then might be try this Digital Sound Sampling Sketch Example · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub

Hello, I have the exact opposite problem. I would like to make the signal from my INMP441 much quieter. Is there any way to achieve this? My current settings are Squelch: 255 and Gain 1.

Unless you mean to hack the audio usermod code might be cover the mic hole or the whole mic in case , it is very sensitive though and in my setups it pick up from 2m away