Connecting HVS RGBW string lights


Was wondering if someone might have any experience in hooking up a set of these generic string lights to WLED. I attached a picture of the the leds in each bulb, there are 5 wires, black, white, red, green, and blue. I hooked it up the way I thought it should work, but the lights only cycle through colors, and there is no way to turn them off from WLED.

Those appear to be ws2815 LEDs with a white LED. You could try flashing and connecting a ESP32 or ESP2866 to the string. What voltage is the existing power supply? I have used similar lights that required 12VDC. I connected the power supply and ESP grounds together, and put a 1000 microfarad capacitor across the power line, and a 470 ohm resistor between the data line, a bidirectional converter, then the ESP. Likewise, I connected D1 to the protected data line and D2 to ground. It worked well, but having to power the ESP with 5VDC and stepping down from 12VDC is kind of a pain. I skipped the white LED.

The existing power supply is 5v 2amps.

This is how I currently have it wired up. The esp32 powers on, I can change the settings, but the lights just change colors rapidly, if I change it to another effect from “solid” it changes to a random solid color, I also can’t power the lights off from WLED. It’s plugged into a 5v power supply out of frame.