Can wled use deep sleep?

I have 10 leds in a fake pumpkin outside powered by 4 AA rechargeable batteries. Using a d1 mini.

I’d hate to have to go out each night and unplug the batteries, anyway to have the d1 mini go into deep sleep after say, 2 hours? Then the next day I could go out and unplug and replug in the batteries.

Or anything like that?

For your specific situation, I recommend installing a switch between the 4AA battery back and D1 Mini V+ input. You can drill or poke a tiny hole in the rear of the fake pumpkin and make it a permanent switch.

I’m sorry, but the reply to this is unhelpful. I’m also looking for a way to do this PROGRAMMATICALLY with 18650 batteries, trying to extend the length of time between charges. These chips have the ability to go into different sleep modes for this EXACT purpose. If I have these in an inaccessible location, a physical switch or button doesn’t work well.

So, again with the question: is it possible to make the WLED firmware go into deep sleep using the timer function to wake up and run the macro/script/preset at the designated time and then go back to deep sleep with another timer function running a macro/script/preset?

Having this as an option in the firmware would be perfect for battery operated projects, especially ones that run for a couple of hours each night and then sit unused for the rest of the hours of the day.

This sounds like something for #enhancements. Maybe you should post there.

Seeing that it is after Halloween I am curious if you found a resolution to your issue…I too would like a sleep function for this. I can use fastLED to achieve the lights that I want more or less, and sleep but for what I am wanting, I would love to have WLED working. I am planning on several lawn art pieces to go in, with little but not tiny solar panels and a small battery bank. AND I would absolutely love to be able to remotely control it. In fact, all that works perfectly…but if I could figure out how to put the ESP into low power mode after making the lights go off it would greatly improve performance I think.

Let me know if you have a solution…from my googling it does not look like it can without a special fork.

I have spent the last several hours breaking down the code. I see a place in NTP.h tha would allow for a deep_sleep function to be included. In fact it can be done in 4 additional lines of code. In my case under the sunrise settings on the time macros. honestly why this is not an option does not make sense to me. Even if 90% of people did not utilize it, it takes up so little room to install it why not? BUT…here is my issue. I recompiled with a tremendous amount of errors. mostly surrounding the alexa stuff.

Perhaps someone who knows more about coding and creating a legit fork and getting this code to compile can create something for us who would love to use these for small yard and porch battery lights.

I tried the code master from their gh and even completely unmodified it will not compile for me. I think it has to do with all the things need uncommented for certain settings…but I don’t know. This is the limit to my knowledge on it. I am comfortable coding small sketches but this has like 20 tabs…


Did you ever make further progress on this? Any code to share so others can try?

@npike the Newer Versions got timing
so you can set your stripe to BLACK or even call the segment to be off at night
then at 7Pm recal the preset /playlist that showes your led lights

Presets - WLED Project