A couple questions for a small battery powered project

I’m currently building a small lamp-in-a-jar project for my 5 year old niece, similar to this Dream Jar. Instead of using a matrix, I’m just going to wrap some WS2812B tape around some sturdy tube roll, shove a USB battery pack and a D1 mini inside the tube, and mount a single LED-illuminated arcade button to the lid for control. I’ll use cotton balls or some kind of light diffusing material between the LEDs and the plastic jar.

I would like the button to turn on WLED, enable a semi-random preset, and then turn off (or better yet fade out) after 60 seconds or so. I’ve managed to get the arcade button’s LED illuminated by connecting it to WLED’s relay pin, and have toyed around with a custom usermod and such to successfully turn on/off WLED and cycle through my presets with the button.

My main questions are:
1: How best to manage power, so that when the lamp is not in use, it is not drawing excessive juice? Since this is button activated exclusively, I would like the D1 to go into as deep a sleep as possible and only wake up when the button is pressed.
2: And related to question #1, how do I code (or just configure) WLED to turn off 60 seconds after it turns on? Ideally, I need to completely turn it off, not just put it in standby mode for maximum power savings.

Thanks in advance for any direction in answering these remaining questions, and any other suggestions or ideas are appreciated!

If you want the battery to last and last and last, you really want an esp32 that can enter into deep sleep, and then trigger it to wake up with the button press.

There are YT videos about this subject if you are interested in investing a little time into integrating a deep sleep mode into wled.


I am working also on a battery powered solution.
I would also recommend an ESP32.

Take a look at the espressif documentation for deep sleep
And a nice small project using deep sleep with a battery door sensor: https://anuradhawick.medium.com/a-complete-mqtt-esp32-sensor-tutorial-b81c8f178a53

Most excellent, thank you both for the suggestions, exactly what I was hoping for! All I have at the moment are a bunch of nodemcu and d1 mini esp8266 boards, but the esp32s should be showing up in a little yellow package any day/week now. Cheers!