Night light with button

I set up an led strip with wled on an esp32. I wired up 2 momentary buttons and a potentiometer and have them working.

I set this up to be a bedside light for my wife while our infant is present. She doesnt like messing with apps, hence why I have the buttons: one for on/off toggle, the knob for brightness, and the other button to activate nightlight with a 30 min timer.

My Issue is this: Without having the app open, when she presses the nightlight button, there is no feedback as to whether it worked or not. There have been times where she thought she pressed it, but Ill check the app and she didnt press it hard enough and I can see the nightlight isnt on.

If she presses it more than once for “assurance,” it causes issues where the lights will randomly turn on later in the night(I assume because the timer kinda stacks on itself). I tried making the button trigger a preset that sets segments with just one LED turning blue to show it worked, but have had issues doing that and then adding the nightlight on top. Any clever ideas or is there a simple solution? Im running 0.13.3. Thank you!!

I now have tried making the button trigger a playlist that goes for 30 min and then turns off… but as far as i can tell, once that playlist is activated, there’s no way to deactivate it? i’ll turn off the strips or even reboot wled, but if i turn it back on within that 30 min, the playlist will still be running and my lights are at its mercy