Physical button for the wall

so i explain my problem real quick.
i want to put some COB CCT led strips under my cabinets in the kitchen.
My Wife told me she dont want any cables hanging around so im looking for a physical button that can perform actions like turn on/off lights and dim the lights, since i have dimmable white lights dimmable between warm and cold white but all this wireless or over another protocol. The button has to be with batteries so i can just tape it on the wall, cause she dont want to have holes too.
i have an esp32 with wled on it. I saw that you can dimm lights and do macros over wled itself. but the buttons have to be wired to a specific GPIO Pin. now i looking if there is a transmiter or reciver that i can pin on my esp than can accept a command from a button or do you know any possible way to solve this problem?

im really stuck looking for solution, but i cant find any

thank you for all help

have a great day everyone

You may could try sync then with another ESP devises and attach Buttons to the External ESP, since they are synced it wouldn’t be a problem.

Best idea I have would be to use a Wizmote.

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what do you exactly mean with it?
like have wled on both and sync them?

Yeah, quite right… You sync them, But you need to change the Group they’re in otherwise all will basically do whenever a button getting pressed.

A while back I made this…

It worked pretty well. You could change the functions the buttons call and it’ll probably run off batteries for a little while at least :smile:

Thank you for your help , i will check this in the future , fir the moment i went with a wizremote, mossfets , resistirs an fuse to do my project , so i have cct cob light and wanna dim them turn them off and on , all of this works ocer my remote an the right soldering , vut im checking on your idea. :smiling_face:

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