A complete beginner seeking advice

Hey all,

So, I’m very new to this. I’m about to install some lights under my kitchen benches and I’d like to be able to animate them during On/Off. I’ve seen people speak about creating a playlist and assigning it to on / off, but I seem to be running into some issues… First, my setup:

Running WS2812B’s off of a ESP32 with the latest WLED firmware. Currently have it sitting on my desk for testing, its working great.

What I want to do is have the lights turn on in a sweeping motion from one side to the other when i turn them on, and the same when i turn them off. I found there is a “Sweep” effect mode, so i created a preset for sweep, one for solid, and then created a playlist. The playlist has Sweep for 5s, Solid for 5s and i’ve disabled Repeat. End preset is set to Solid. When i use this playlist, it sweeps indefinitely. I’m probably missing something really simple, but like i said, in credibly new to WLED.

Also, once i actually have the effect taken care of, where do i assign the on/off playlists?

Thanks in advance!

OK i figured out the playlist thing, its going to be very tricky getting it perfect but i can trial/error the runtime for sweep…

I can’t get any playlist to work with the “power” button though… cold power-up, it plays my playlist, but there seems to be no way to do powerup/powerdown playlists?

As in the Version 1.15-a6 there is something so called Power on and power off preset overwride.

Technically it overwrites the actual Off state with your desired preset, For instance you wanted turn your light blue when it is off… Well, something like that.

anyway, it does that.