Startup/shutdown animation?


I am planning on putting a wled powered led strip underneath the cupboards in my kitchen.

I added a button to the strip so that I can turn it on and off even if wifi is down.

Is there a way to add a startup/shutdown animation? I am probably not seeing the forest for the trees, but I can’t find an explanation on how to do it.

When the leds are off I’d like them to start up one after the other over the course of a second when I press the button; the reverse when I turn them off.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Should be able to assign a preset to button ON and a different one to button OFF.
Build the animations in two presets and assign in Time & Macros to the button function.

I’d do this with a couple presets and two playlists.

Make presets for your on state, off state and transition animation. Then make two playlists that play the transition preset once and end with the on or off state.

Thanks for the input. I have had a look at the documentation for presets, but the way I understood it a preset is static? Meaning I’d need a preset per led in the strip, is that correct?

No. You can think of a preset as a snapshot of your state. So whatever segment config, effect, palette, colors, speed and intensity you’ve got you can save and easily return to. They obviously can be more complicated than that. But it’s a good simplification.