Enable preset only when button is pressed? (For WLED turn signals)

Hey all,

I’m trying to set up wled on my addressable led turn signals.

Right now they are set to DRL (orange) preset 1 with no pattern.

I’m hoping to have a pulldown/short to ground pin activate preset 2 which is sequential animation while the turn signal is activated.

Then once the then signal turns off / unshorts the pin it would revert BACK to the default preset 1.

Does anyone know how to achieve this or know if it’s possible?

I’m also thinking I could have preset 1 set to a pin, then the turn signal would activate the preset 2 pin and so it would know to revert back to DRL if that is the only way?

Any help would be super appreciated. Also willing to discuss paying someone to set this up for me if it’s a big job.


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So for anyone wondering how to do this, this was my solution:

Set preset 1 for normal / DRL lights. > Set macro for long/hold button to go to preset 1.

Set animation for turn signal as preset 2 > Set macro for short button press to preset 2.

On the truck, I pulled a hot wire from the turn signal light to signal on a relay.

Connected the button wire to the N/C contacts as a “hold” for DRL.

Signal from turn signal starts switching relay > WLED considers it a short button press and now the animation plays for the turn signal. Turn signal shuts off, WLED senses the long press and reverts back to preset 1.

the ESP can’t boot with the button held down so I’ve also interrupted the N/C button wire with another relays N/O contacts so it doesn’t connect to ground right away, which allows the ESP to boot, then once the accessories connect to power, so does this secondary relay and DRL start.

This allows for sort of a “pre start” animation and so when I remotely start the truck it plays a heart beat animation on the headlights, and then once I’m in and the key is detected in ignition it reverts to DRL etc.

Super stoked

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Would you mind sharing more information and pictures/videos of your build? Sounds fun.



Be careful on this cool mod idea. In some localities it would be illegal to use many of the wled effects on turn signals.

Sure, it could look awesome, but could also get expensive paying fines.

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Thanks, I’ve looked into it in my province and manufacturers are required to have a classic “blink” signal if there’s a sequential turn signal included. I’ve abided by this rule to try and minimize the chance of getting a fine.

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Is there any video or diagram on how you did this? I’m currently trying to figure this out myself! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Yep I made a video about it here: https://youtu.be/H2DOnwNo32c?si=F5ZOVsBgWCdKK6eN

Happy to answer any questions

hey! so got a lil lack of motivation on this so i sat it down for a bit and now im picking back up where i left off lol so with the diagram you linked you used two led controllers for this and not one? can this be done with the esp 32 or just the 66? im using the 32 and got a 4 port 12-5v level converter, are the

relays necessary? i rly appreciate that you actually hit me back up!

also did you make a new video with the new macros etc?