Countdown Animation

I’m very new to wled and automation in general.
So I set up my first wled instance with 5v strip, and after hours mesmerised by all of the different effects (Awesome work guys - Thanks), I thought I should actually do something with it.

I have an idea which I’ve been toying with.
What I want to do is to have a countdown display on the LED strip.
What I mean is, at the start all the LEDs are lit, and by the end all of the LEDs are off. (Fancy animations and timer end animations are a bonus, and eventually I want it triggered by my amazon alexa probably via home assistant. - one step at a time)

A use-case for this is something like an egg timer, or digital sand-timer/hourglass)

So first thing first. I looked under Time and Macros.
There’s a countdown timer option.
It looks like I need to set an end date and time? I was hoping for just a time duration like 4 minutes.
I tried setting a time, with my effect set to solid, hit save and waited…

What should I have seen? Because I don’t think it did anything when the set time passed.

Thanks for any advice/info on this.

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Check nightlight.

that’s not it…

We’re requesting a visual increase or decrease of LEDs ON or OFF based on time elapsed.

I think it is already built-in, but would take some time to get it just right.

There is a percentage (0-100%) which is like a count up, but it can be transitioned to an off with a very slow transition at the rate you wish it to count down, having started at 100%.

I have not done this, but if you search the WLED github and this discourse for the percentage effect, you may run across someone who has done something similar if not exactly the same thing.

thanks for the info, although I believe it’s a little bit much. I hope a more friendly way will come along asap!

Have you tried any of the clock options? Maybe they do what you want already?

I tried, but it doesn’t do what expected. Thank you for your insight, it is appreciated.

Hi there - I’ve a similar requirement and wondered whether you ever found a solution for this? WLED is an awesome piece of kit but if I can’t find a way I’ll write some quick Arduino code and get around it that way…

Yes i think that is doable , might be look at this example i made with IX=~ and Percent effect for progress bar