Analog Clock

HI all,

This may seem really dumb but I need help.
I have made a circle light and I have WLED running - I would like to try the Analog clock but cant get it to start / activate / turn on / appear

I have gone to the Time and Macros settings and done this, when clicking save no clock appears.
I had a look at the presets and don’t see a Analog clock option?

how do you start it?

Time settings, change Analog Clock from [None] to [Analog Clock].
Options should appear for First & Last LED used for clock. Enter proper values, like 0 and 59, or some multiple of 1…60 - 1 (if you want multiple pixels for each second). Max input value is 255.
Configure any other options as needed that appeared after selecting analog clock.
Avoid selecting effect Fire 2012.
It should start working.

Are you using latest released firmware 0.11.0? If you are, there was a bug in saving the clock values. If you are comfortable compiling the project yourself, the current master has been fixed and should work.

Otherwise, go back to a prior release and work with that.

Thank you!
I see it is working it just works with the effects. I didn’t know it would do that. When you said “avoid selecting fire” I had my aha moment.

Many thanks for the help.

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Glad you got it working! Perhaps post a picture of it? I’ve never seen what that would look like with WLED.

Hey Huggy, finished my Project - Check it out.

Very very interesting, I’ve collected the desing in thingverse and I’ll give it a try in the next days. Thanks for sharing.

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Awesome, Hope it goes well.
Im very happy with this desk light. Cool and useful.
I have a USB Connector attached so when the power goes out I just plug in a power Bank.

Add the Macros to the button presses - The button feature is really nice.

In hind sight -
I randomly chose the size of the Circle with a diameter of 180 mm which ended up fitting 31 LEDS perfectly.
what I should have done was work out the size for 30 Leds.

The Analog clock works but it does not align 100% with an uneven number of LEDS.
Maybe I will make another light and fix the size to fit 30 LEDS and fix the diffuser.

Can I ask what strip you used for this? Is it 60 LEDs/M or 30? Thanks

I am using the 60 LED’s /m

Nice, I seem to already have some 60 and 100 LED per metre strips, so I may try building this. Thanks for sharing the thing :slight_smile:

Have a look at the ring LEDs, eg WS2812 60 bit full color drive LED lantern Ring Wall Clock ring light 1/4|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
60 LEDs give you a 15cm clock face that works very well with the WLED analog clock option.

Hello, can someone please explain to me how you can change the colors of the hands on the analog clock.

Thanks for that. Perhaps you can suggest other areas to explore.

I tried using the HTTP API with somehing like this…

had no effect :frowning:

Assuming the Analog_Clock Usermod author’s comment line ahead of the variables is true (configuration available in API and stored in flash)

Would love some suggestion how to understand how a variable for a usermod can be identified in flash and either displayed / changed using HTTP (or JSON) APIs

Are usermod creators identified in the Git documentation?

How is the Analog_clock being included in 0.14.x ?
Is that why the Usermod changes to the colors isn’t working?

What relation does overlay.cpp have to Analog Clock

Please ignore the reflection but on the same lines with the clock. with the matrix and programming. I used 12.5 inches in the inside diameter. This was just a test so will make changes on any new clocks made.It’s running multiple segments 12 is not lit in the picture and currently has about 20 presets running with the time scroll , message scroll and others. WLED is great. Amazing what you can create! I can preset the wife’s birthday and our anniversary so I never forget. !