My Analog Clock with WLED support

I planned to integrate LED’s on my analog clock already a while ago and recently learned that WLED nicely supports such LED effects already by default. For this I’ve setup the analog clock feature to add the hour, minute and second indicator. They wonderfully align with the clockhands…

To me, the indicators shall always be switched on while the background light is switchable, either effect (which is only for parties), dim it or switch off at night. This could easily be done with segments, great way to use WLED for this.

Some results below, maybe it gives you some inspiration…

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This it how it normally looks; the warm-white backlight can be switched off or changed.

Effect example, the sky is the limit…

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That’s a lot of soldering. It looks really good though. I’m planning on doing something similar but with the strip on end to avoid the soldering.

Amazing ! :smiley: