Creating a sequence

Hi, I’m new to wled so I’m hoping for some help please, I’m trying to create a sequence where the lights wipe up my stairs twice then go off, I can get them to go up the stairs ok but when they go off I get a flash of all the lights, any idea what I’m doing wrong, any help on this would be appreciated, as I just can’t figure out.

We’ll need more information about your setup and the way you’re triggering the effect.
Are you using a usermod?

I’m using home assistant with a motion sensor
And the Wled app/website to create the sequence

Have you tried creating a playlist (essentially a list of multiple presets) that plays the “Wipe” effect twice in a row?
You may need to include a “tb”:0 entry in the wipe effect to make sure it starts at the beginning of the effect each time.
You should be able to test this manually from the Web/GUI before you link in Home assistant.

The wipe effect starts ok, it does the wipe up twice but just flashes at the end of the 2nd wipe then goes off, I’m not sure how to edit the coded part in wild to add anything in there it won’t let me post a video on here…

Video is not likely to be helpful.
A capture of the preset API as well as the playlist API is more useful.

a small image will also be helpful to see what you are on
No one here got a wizard Ball to see your setup

You say Wipe ends after 2 runs are you on a playlist

Sorry for the delay,
Is this what you need to see


Sorry I’m new to this, and find it confusing at the moment

i think you need to delete your sequence and or playlist
HIT config → LED setup and SAVE so it gets all CLEANED
then start with a new sequence as you say Wipe

if there is nothing else on the Board then this Wioe then
I Personly woudt reinstall the WLED to it to get rid of all messes

I did start from scratch in the beginning but what ever I try I can’t stop the flash at the end of the 2nd wipe up sequence, I can not figure out what I’ve done wrong…

What are you using for your Off preset?

I just made a preset with wipe
and another off preset with T=0 for the code

Created a playlist with the first effect being the wipe preset and the end preset being the off preset, adjusted the desired time for the duration and it works fine w/out any flashes.



I’m getting a json error now, any chance you can add the playlist you created here so I can copy and paste it into mine please

If you are talking about a JSON error with your wipe ‘preset’ and if that preset is as you posted above it looks to be missing the last squiggly brace at the end }

This is a working version of your preset with “tb”:0 added to it to make sure it always starts the effect at the beginning:


Here is my ‘playlist’ I don’t think this is going to help you as it is referencing my wipe preset (3) and my Off preset (4).


Ok thanks I’ll try it out, I’ve another problem please seee the attached image I can’t get this off of the screen any ideas how I can get rid of it

Ah the old corrupted presets issue. In a browser navigate to http://yourWLEDdeviceIP/edit and delete your presets.json file. This will delete all of your presets and a new file will be created when you save a new preset. Sometimes there are issues when editing presets.

Your a life saver, thank you corrupt presets have gone now, I’ve copied and pasted the file you sent me earlier but it keeps running continuously, I’m trying to get it to wipe up twice then turn off.

Thanks again

You have to create a playlist (like my picture).
Set your wipe preset as the item in the playlist and adjust the duration time so that it wipes 2x
Set repeat to 1
Set the End preset to your off preset.