Wipe effect that stays on

The WLED has the light effect that when this effect is selected, the tape starts all off and the light begins to travel (keeping the LEDs on where it has already passed) and when it reaches the end of the tape it remains all lit (as if it were the effect solid).

If so, would you be able to tell me which one?
if not, would it be too much to ask to have this effect added?

You can make 2 presets, one with the wipe, add “tb”:0 in the json so it always starts at the beginning when selected, and one solid with the same color. Then make a playlist with the first, set as no repeat, and the 2nd as “final”. Adjust the time the first is displayed for so it’s just right for it to reach then end, it’s a bit of a pain but works.
If that’s the only effect you use you can cheat by declaring more LEDs than what’s present and it’ll be less sensitive to the time value.