Linking Effects?

Hey Everyone, I am a new user and just learning the topes of WLED. Im running it on a dig-Quad. Have got the LEDs working and running and am now playing around with effects. I understand to make a new effect it needs to be coded. Is there a way to link effects though? For instance I would like to do a Wipe to Solid. The end goal being when the strip is turned on it turns on each LED individually until its at the end then they all stay on. Is there a way to do this?


I seen you question elsewhere…


effect your looking for is a chase to a solid
and you can use playlist timing to get effects overlap

also solid is a effect that allouws you to put the wipe Chase Scroll over the base effect
so 2 effects are at the same time activ
look at overlay in wiki
or like here explaind