Candle effect for candle body (wax) 2D matrix

I want to illuminate a candle body in a realistic way.
There is a matrix of 6 leds around and 8 leds high planned.
The closer the leds are to the flame, the brighter.
I’ve tried candle effect, but this doesn’t allow color palettes, let alone a matrix.
Color palette could be yellowout.
or effect palette with 2 colors, but then there is no light change.
Mechanical workaround would be 3D printed tube with decreasing wall thickness ( bottom to top )
and a slight amber hue. Candle effect would be on 6 segments, with various settings.
The flame illumination is done by two 3W leds with mosfet on separate output pins, this works great with candle effect.

Any ideas ?


Try Fire 2012?

Thank you ! Yes, I did. to firery, well to nervous, also doesn’t have white channel.
what exactly is this " expand 1D effect " and " transpose "

Latest commit to main WLED returns palette option for Candle and Candle Multi.

Great, will check it !