Best or cool Effects for 2D Matrix

Hi im Running a 14W x 7H 2D matrix on a wemos d1 ESP8266 Ubo stile Board

Id like to set some effects between the TEXT sequences

What i found is only the BMP looks like a cool effect for 2D

are there more in the 170 Effect lists like this one using the matrix


People’s preferences differ quite a bit. Scrolling Text (overlaid on another effect) is probably the one I use most often, perhaps GEQ second. I really like the Animartrix effects that are available as a usermod with MoonModules (they all start with "Y " so they are all grouped together in the UI).

If you go to the MoonModules Knowledge Base, you can see a short animation of all of the effects. Effects - WLED MoonModules Project


thank you

FYI AnimARTrix has been merged upstream as well but there are no binaries precompiled with it.

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as i cand compile for any reason all code and VS progio are upo and runninf Ubuntu 22.04
when i hit the compile botton nothing hasppens when i change somthing it says Projekt Updated

so the Y display effects are not available it looks cool without as noone knows what can be done lights are on and effects running

here is the YT_Video
as of the FIRST Matrix 100Nodes WS2811 12mm
Wemos D1 ESP8266
WLED14x7 Matrix 100Nodes

Have you enabled 2D mode? You won’t see that 2D effects until you have done so

2d matrix setup and this if not already enabled.

Thank you
@Cyberdine Where is this setting cand find this in the Standard Firmware 0.14 that goes by install from browser Crome toi the ESP8266


Try moonmodules. Youd find these options in there.

Download your binary.

Then update via wled in the usual way.

If you have an esp32 4mb id go for the recommended version esp32 4mb.

Err sorry overlooked you said 8266… im sure theres a version for that… :eyes: for your chip!

Though many say… wled will surpass esp8266 abilities soon enough and the development for it taken round the back of the barn…


Apologies if you already tried moonmodules.

@Cyberdine Thank you
SAD to hear ESP8266 is supressed soon
as the WEMOS D1 WIFI Board UNO Stile is so easy to handle and can take 200 Pixel on the board Power
so Holiday displays around the house only needs 12V Vlies AGM Battery pack 2Days and runs 4Week on a Car Battery
No cabeling no Extras like Levelshifters extra Power (( the 50 pixel strips got Extra Power outs thesa are couplet togetger so 200 pixel 2 power in )) at 800mA MAX
i do Programm the Displays stand alone WLED on a Relulated powersuply and try to stay below 500mA
even 50+% the time its only 350mA at 200pixel
so entire Xmas Garage display is on one Car Battery load

Youll have plenty of use for that even when dev maybe stopping

Ive been know in the past to chop into a micro sd cable and seperate the power wires. And splice 2 wires straight to strip. And common earth the two.
So strip gets direct power instead of powering from board. You idea good though…
4 weeks? Wow.
Dont get me wrong d1 good. Got them in clocks a vases… and they all talk to each other.

So in the words of Arnie…

Old but not obsolete

It is not. It may be old and lacking in RAM and CPU performance but while I work on WLED it will be supported.