10x10 Matrix

Hi there,

I’m working on a small project of 10x10 Matrix.

My goal is to use wled to use some of the existing effects and to show some text on the Matrix. I’m searching for the best way to send text to my Matrix but i’m not sure which one is the best ? Json API ? If I want to animate some text also, what is the best way to do it ?

Thanks !

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Looks awesome!
WLED itself does not yet have any 2D effect support, the sound reactive fork has some pretty cool 2D effects, but still no text support.
What I would recommend is a free PC pogram called Jinx!, it allows you to set scrolling text, any image or some nice effects and even overlay them. It can interface to WLED wirelessly e.g. via E1.31!

Hi !

Thanks for your answer, I will try this software ! I will try to look on E1.31 documentation also because my aim is to drive my matrix with a raspberry and hass.io. I will update this post with the things i found.

I am just in the process of connecting Jinx to Wled via a 16x16 matrix. First attempt connected great usng E1.31 however no light effects were displayed on the matrix. The Wled app informed me everything was connected and the orange greeting lights extinguished but no patterns unfortunately.
I just need to experiment… :confused:

Make sure you have set an Output Patch (just below the Output devices entry in the Setup menu) and make sure it starts at channel 0. Can be a bit fiddly at times and will often reset to 98 or another illogical channel value for some reason.

Thanks. Yes I managed to patch the first 170 leds for universe 1 although creating a second universe on the same IP didn’t light the remainder of the the matrix in spite of setting Wled for 256 pixels. The manual for Jinx doesn’t make it clear on creating and integrating 2 or more universes to light a larger matrix panel. I also must check the panel layout and set that correctly. I think it runs left to right then dropping a line and right to left. Probably the snake setting.
I’m obviously doing things wrong but just need to put some hours in testing the setup.

Did you get this working? I’m completely lost at the moment… I’ve set the IP-address under Output Devices (Unicast) to (Universe 1 right now) with 510 channels.

Is there anywhere I can check that WLED is receiving data from Jinx?

D’oh! Now I feel stupid, but I’ll write it anyway to let other people know.

At the bottom of the “Setup” menu, there’s a “Start Output” option. You need to check that in order to send data. I was expecting a big “Start”-button, but I didn’t find it so I figured Jinx was sending data no matter what.


Hey everyone
I’ve made an 16x16 matrix by using SK6812.
Everythink works great. WLED is such a nice software. Many thanks for that!
But now i tried jinx! Same here, everything works great.
But there is something that i don’t understand:
Is it right that i need another ESP8266 to run all the 256 pixels of the matrix?
Well, if i’ve just one esp, i only have 512 adresses, so arround 170 pixels.
If i set two diffrent universes at the same IP, it don’t work.
If i use two esp with diffrent IP but same universe i can use all of the 256 pixels.
Short: isn’t it possible to use all pixels with just one esp and jinx?
Thanks a lot for your help!

I don’t know anything about Jinx, but first off, does WLED control all 256 pixels without problems without Jinx trying to control them?

I have to assume that WLED is able to control all 256 pixels by itself or you would not be trying it with Jinx.

I know it is possible to configure multiple segments in WLED, and use JSON api calls to control the LEDs within each segment. Is Jinx capable of configuring things so it can use a json api call to control pixels, or does it require its own communication protocol to work properly?

Is Jinx running the same protocol as xLights to control LEDs?

Thanks for your reply.
On WLED, everything works fine. All pixels are active.
And I also know the settings for segments and JSON api.

In my opinion, the protocol is used between wled and jinx is E1.31. And its overriting all the settings you’ve done in WLED.
I don’t know whats xLights is using, btw.

Maybe this thread will help you too: Missing 171st pixel on Wled 0.10.2 with more than one E1.31 universe - #14 by Thedannymullen
And for an example of a jinx configuration with 2 universes to the same ip: Controlling a WS2812 led matrix over ethernet using Arduino - Mega-Byte blog

Thank you.
I have allready read the first thread.
I know that i only have 510 channels per universe.
In the thread you
But there is no discussion about different universes on the same esp.

Well, i’ll read the example of your second link and try it again.


Soo, solved the problem after testing for 3 hours.
The problem was the incorrect “Output Patch” in Jinx.
It’s important that everything is absolutely exact. The number of chanels per universe and the patch at it self including “Patch Mode” and “Pixel order”.
Otherwise not all Pixels will light up, although in the Patch-Menu all pixels are green.

Thank you anyway!

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I’m very glad you got it working. I’m even more glad it was not a WLED problem.

Cool. Vet youre living the 2d fx now

There is no point posting in threads that haven’t had any news in 3 years, most of the stuff that’s supported now didn’t even exist then.


I was sat outside in garden… sun shining and over looked date .

Was only much later i understood its vintage status…
Sorry :disappointed:

i use a large 50mm spacing 10x10 WS2811 with scrolling teyt also on display
see here