Strip and matrix

Hey guys new to all of this and enjoying it. My issue is I’m running a strip with 144/m and also trying to run two 8x8 matrix panels. Strip runs great with esp32. But panels suck. Random colors, preset effects are terrible and 2d effects are terrible. Should I be running my 8x8 panels in a segment? Thanks for the help.

Matrix support is available with SR fork and Blaz 2d
You can flash SR13.2 from here WLED installation (

For Blaz 2d you can use the bin here WLED-wemos-shield/resources/experimental/Firmware at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

Along with using the SR fork / Blaz 2D, yes, the strip should be in its own WLED segment, and each 8x8 matrix panel should be in its own segment. Remember to save the segments after getting the strip and 2 panels working.

on 0.14.0-b1 fw i see matrix and 2d as native support, and I’m happy if wouldn’t have impact on stability, but i can’t find any support material how to configure and send text messages, and maybe font table change.
i discovered at first use it show date/time but at small preset touch it show text from first segment label, is it intentional or somehow error i couldn’t figured out but i have problem to load presets after that until reboot.
is there some help how to use matrix effects ? actually how to customize them.

Text comes from the segment name.