Odd 2D setup question

Hi all,
i planned to change my setup from 1D to 2D for special effects.
But my stripeset is not exact 8x6 but like this. Does anyone has an idea how do setup in WLED SW?
Thanks kenai

Might be try to setup a matrix of 15x6 and then use a gap file under 2d setup



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Wow Aldiy,
i am really impressed, thats such a cool solution. will instantly try this. :slight_smile: thanks fr the great explanation and the excel, json work :smiling_face:
will post the result tomorrow.

unfortunatelly it seems, that in my WLEDSR_0.13.4 soundReactive_esp32dev.bin
(ESP32 build 2309021) there is no gap file support. Will have to ask in the group again

You need to update to 0.14

Thank you, did it and it works fine