Config Matrix WLED v.0.14.0-b1

Hy everyone
First, i’m so happy about the matrix-function. Thanks very much for that!
I know, it’s beta, but i’ll try to config the matrix. And i don’t get it.
My setup is two 32x8 Matrix in row, horinzontal. So 64x8.
I feel like I’ve tried everything in the config, but it wont work. The best result i get is shown in the pictures. If i choose “Peek”, it seems ok. But it shows only the first 16x8 pixels.
Is this an issue or am i not able to config it properly?

Thanks in advice!

I don’t have 14 yet, but don’t you have two horizontal? Your first pixel bottom? Left or right?

Good luck

Sorry, that answer was probably no help. I put 14b1 on a matrix similar to yours. It took repeated adjustments to get all right. We’ll, not all, no text so far. The matrix not matching “peek”.

It’s exactly what i mean.
If’ve tried other configurations and found one that works. Expect the scrolling text.
I’m now for a few days in vacation. Have to continue next week. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks anyway

Hey, this configuration works fine for me:

The Segments have to be X=0 to 64 and Y=0 to 8

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@MAXM Perfect, thank you. I didn’t realise the settings of the segments!
An in 2D Setup, all the orientations has to te be “vertical”.