Controlling an array of wLED devices (analog)

My ceiling is 5m x 5m (30 square feet). I wired 5 ANALOG strips down the rails of my drop ceiling. Basically, it pretty much behaves as 1 single RGB LED on each ESP-12 controller, that is 5m (15 feet) long.

I tried Hyperion, and LEDfx. Between the both of them - have issues commanding all the strips in sequence together without some hiccup. The software like designed for using individual addressable strips, which I do not have - just want to control 5 long analog led’s.

When I “sync” the leds between one wLED master controller using the wLED android app, the other 4 wLED strips appear to mimic what the first one does, but is no where in sync. I can not also get the strips to behave as an array of 5.

Is there a different other software package I can explore to control or sequence an array of wLED devices?

Look into virtual LEDs/DDP. You pick one ESP as the main and then add the others to it just like directly-attached LEDs.

I have tried. It only allows to link up to 3 boards. I have 5. The led array will never go past 3 pixels. I even tried linking the 3rd board to the last 2, and that gets messy - to say the least.

Not aware of a limitation. 8266?

Are you asking if I am aware of a 8266 limitation? Now that you mention it, I imagine there has to be something, since it has less math speed compared to an ESP32.