Custom matrix not working

Hello, I’ve been trying to make a matrix with different row sizes. So far I’ve been failing. It just comes out a garbled mess.

So I set up the matrix to be 21 x 21. Bottom right serpentine. Then tried to do the led map json file. But it just doesn’t seem to work. Please see the layout and the json file on the pictures.

Feel free to rip it out of me if I’ve got something totally wrong.


This might make it easier for you to test different orientation

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Nice work, and very useful.
I’m not experienced with LED maps, but I think the code doesn’t accomodate > 100 pixels, because the pixel numbers seem to wrap around. I submitted an issue on github.

As you are below 30rows

Woudtent it be mutch easer to work with LEDMAPPING
and use this for segmentation

THE matrix 2D will fully work if you setr segment ZERO to the Map
This also workes as you send data drom outside to the Segment Zero Mapping

Thanks Aldiy that tool is amazeballs. So Magig I wasn’t quite sure what you were asking me to do. But playing about with segment 0 got it to work. Basically reset them and set it to pixels.

Thank you very much for all the help. Sanity restored,