A way to group or map 3x LEDs as one for 2D Matrix?

Hey there, wonderful WLED community :slight_smile:

I’ve made a large 6x6 2D matrix with each “pixel” containing 3x LEDs, wired in serpentine (diagram attached).

I’m looking for a way to address each group of 3x LEDs as one. I’ve tried the grouping feature, but that groups in both X and Y, leaving me with a 6x2 virtual matrix, which isn’t ideal.

I’ve explored ways to make a custom map with the mapping feature but no luck.

Are there any ways to make this work in custom mapping, or hard code this in the firmware before compiling?

Anything to stop me from hard-wiring each group together… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Many thanks in advance!


I have the exact same question. Were you able to solve it with the software? Or do I have to re-route the data line? I couldn’t manage it with the ledmap and grouping either.

Thanks a lot!

You can’t unless you do a custom ledmap.