Date controlled presets

Not used WLED for a bit and have just flashed the latest version and discovered the time controlled presets, including Sunrise and Sunset, this is awesome and will save having to program another ESP to control WLED through JSON to do this.

Is it possible to consider having a date controlled preset for specific dates, Halloween or a range of dates like Christmas holidays and other dates too, children’s birthdays, 4th July, National day etc.

I realise I could probably do this from HA but still not at the point where I have HA installed at home.

Many thanks again for the great software.

Oh wow, you must be reading the change log readme updates. In the latest code updates, a “holiday.json” option was added.
I do not know the details, but if you build the latest code yourself, you can experiment with the very new feature.

holiday.json is unfortunately not for time controlled presets, but just for setting a custom UI background.

I’ve made a feature request on the issue tracker :slight_smile:

Hope to implement it for the holiday season at the latest :slight_smile:

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Thank you Aircookie, what amazing support.

LED Strip now turning off and on as if by magic at sunrise and sunset.


Thank you! :wink:

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