Disassociate Device Name From UPD Setting

When “Receive UPD realtime” is selected, the name of the device gets set to “Live UDP From”. That isn’t helpful (as it doesn’t say WHERE from) and it cannot be changed. In the future I will have several more devices that are receiving UDP commands from more Hyperion instances. I would like to give specific name to these devices. Would it be possible to disassociate the name from the UDP state? If the association is desireable - maybe it can be noted some other way with some iconography.

Thanks! Great work, so far!


Hi and thank you!

I agree - the device specific name should still be visible in the HTTP api response if receiving live data, because the current behavior will e.g. rename devices in the Android/iOS app device overview. Furthermore, the info provided by this is now accessible via the JSON api and will be correctly displayed in the user interface. I believe I will reduce it so that it either displays Device Name or Device Name (live) if receiving data from any live source.

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