DIY Yard props - recommendations?

Wireframe, coro, or other?
I want to add some props next year, most likely singing face angels around 48" tall. I am in upstate NY, so wind is my primary concern (30-40mph wind events are normal, some push 60mph), as well as possible snow depth.
Wireframe will be less affected by wind, but how to mount bullet pixels with proper orientation?
Coro makes pixel mount easy, but is the surface area going to be too much when it comes to the wind? (If I went with 4mm coro from the box store I would double it, or I would get 10mm coro.)

Your thoughts/experiences? Thanks!

My vote would be for wireframe given the possible wind issues.
One way to simplify the attachment of pixels is to go for smaller and/or flat mount friendly nodes like: 18AWG wire 100pcs/string DC12V square type WS2811 addressable RGB led smart pixel node,with all WHITE wire,IP68 rated|led gu10 high power|led gaugeled 8w - AliExpress

Those tend to attach more easily with simple nylon tie and still leave some slack for adjustment.

I’m thinking about a similar project for Singing Pumpkins here in the Chicago area. High winds, rain and even snow are what I have to deal with as well. These are just some initial thoughts I have had but you are welcome to them.

I’ve been thinking of coro with a frame around it to provide additional stiffness (2 x 2 wood, Aluminum L channel, haven’t got that far yet to decide what may work best for display and then storage when not in use).

Then for mounting; if it’s in the ground, zip ties to attach the coro and frame to two lengths of Rigid Metal conduit driven into the ground. If it’s on a front porch, zip ties or bungee cords. If it’s in a window; mount it on the inside and make the frame perimeter slightly smaller than the finished opening and then apply foam weather stripping to the frame to make a nice firm yet flexible fit as you slide the coro frame into the inside of the finished window opening.

I also am thinking what color coro to use Clear may not be a good choice as in the daylight people walking by the house will see all the wiring. I may go with black.

Good luck with your project!

Flat surfaces up against the house don’t really worry me. It is freestanding props in the yard that make me twitch. Just trying to take a half-sheet of Masonite from the garage to the porch in a mild breeze can be a challenge if the flat side is facing into the wind.
I stumbled across a thingiverse link for a printable square base for bullet pixels. Think I will print a few and see how they work in a mockup.