Dig2go anyone?

Fairly new to this hobby. Just set up a Dig Quad for all of the lights on my eaves and it worked out fabulous. I was looking at the Dig2go for some little window props. Does anyone have experience with this controller? It doesn’t look like it is wifi, is this correct?

It is using WiFi as any other, unfortunately limited to about 2.5A output as it is USB-C powered.

Thank you. These Dig2gos look pretty cool for small props. Looks like it could greatly simplify wiring as you only need to get USB-C to the prop or even use a power bank.

Hooked the Dig2go up last night and it is a sweet little controller. I am using it to frame out my windows and its small size makes it super convenient (no cabling on the inside of the room. I have white shutters on my windows so placing the LEDs on the shutter frames between the shutter and the glass allows me to use a non waterproof strip and they can stay up year-round as they are not visible when off. The shutters act like a window box. I will post pictures on the project topic after I get them all up