Which controller for 750 node prop

Looking for advice on selecting controller to run an EFL Globe (with a matrix). It is 750 pixels of 12v WS2811 strings. I fully understand the power injection and power supply requirements, but I’m tossed up on either a DigUno or DigQuad as the controller.
I’m currently running a DigUno on a leaping arches prop that is only 225 pixels with no problem, but 750 is a big jump up and I don’t know if it’s up to the job. My house lighting is runs on a DigQuad and is 688 pixels, also without any issues. Since I’m adding almost 2000 pixels across 20 props, I’d like to save a little money on the most cost effective controller. The DigUno would be my first choice if it going to be capable of running that prop.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

As long as it’s ESP32 based, you’ll do well.

I think I would put 750 pixels on 2 ports. The Uno has a 2nd hidden port so it would work, for expansion it may be better to go with the quad. Then you would have 2 (actually 3) extra ports for other things.

or go the cheap DIY route and buy an Esp32 and a level shifter(s) and have up to 10 ports :slightly_smiling_face: