WLED 700mA Alone Props max150Nodes

Hi im on a Projekt of cost efficant Holiday lights
In Europ WS2811 Bulb are expensif and also the Controllers
the Import Tax and Vat makes it nearly imposible to stay on low Cost
so i decided to go for my own
Projekt Boundarys LOW Cost MAX outcome

Stars at eastern 2024 With a Hardpapersheet from a Bicycle Store
Wled on Wemos D1 Uno Board can handle this for 5USD Bulb 10USD
First light on 12Seg MAX ESP8266

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Here are the Eastern props 100Node Max 12 Segment per Display

MORE to Come

and ofcause the BUNNY Display
all configured for Wemos D1 Uno on Board Powersupply 3W, 600mA 5V to 100LED Nodes Pixels ws2811, 2x50 Pixel strip got it done with 12Segments Wirering
Ofcause the Center LED of the Blossems are not separatly for Now as running INTO Segmentation LIMIT

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One potential way around the segment limit is to use ledmaps to group some pixels together.
They allow you to virtually “re-wire” your LEDs so they become more convenient to handle.

For instance, in your egg prop the blossom centers could be grouped so all 5 appear together rather than in their respective blossoms.
If the LEDs in each blossom are numbered 0,1,2,3,4,5 where 0 is top of a petal and 5 is the center,
Then the physical LED order would be BL1[0,1,2,3,4,5]->BL2[6,7,8,9,10,11] ->…->BL5[24,25,26,27,28,29]

You can create an led map that changes that order so that petals appear in blossoms, but all the centers are separate, such as:


All the petals the appear as: BL1[0,1,2,3,4]->BL2[5,6,7,8,9] ->…->BL5[20,21,22,23,24] and 5 centers appear at 25,26,27,28,29 which could be combined into a single segment for all the centers. You can apply a flashing or coloured effect independent of your other segments

This is just one example, but with a little thought I’m sure you can come up with some possibilities.
Checkout the KB for more details: Ledmaps

@divsys the Egg is wirerd as Folow

LEDS Total 50-100
Flower Left Down 55-61
Flower Left UP 66-72
Flower Right UP 78-84
Flower MID 84-90
Flower Right Down 90-96

Flower CENTER 58,68,80,87,92

Wodt you mind to write a Preset with the ledmap1.json

for me it is not clear if i can only set the centers alone in the preset by ledma.1

there is no real example o this i can choose the ledmap1 in the dropdown

i made a Wire Map image for more clearence
as you see it is on the 65mm limit to be one strip
Rearangment within the system is posible if someone sees a better resolution starting at 50 if posible as the pre strip jumps in neerest point to the rabbit out
BUT it can be changes as of wirerlength replacment

Goal woodt be to get the centers also colored diferent to the Flower

MAPPING is not very comen EVEN no Youtube Help Video targets this
Eastern is nearing very soon so i need to get it done in time

and ofcause i made a small Vido from the output
Wled Line easter egg

and ofcause the Bunny got also a YT Video
WLED 100Pixel Bunny easter Display Video

and a Image With Lights on

Gif’s are alowed here lets test this if it workes LOL
Filesize is aleays a problem so Quality is BAD