New dig uno

Just got the newest dig uno with wled pre-installed. I’m running about 300 ws2811 LEDs per channel so that’s 600 total. Using a 12v 50 amp power supply separate from the dig uno. It will not save my led count in led preferences it just resets back to 30 after my save. Any ideas? I’ve tried to lower the led count and still no success.

I would try pulling the esp32 off of the board and reflashing it on a pc with a usb-c (I think quindor esp’s are usb-c) data cable.

That fixed it! Thank you for the response. It’s so simple too I just didn’t think of it. 2nd year with wled is my excuse.

Something to add, I do believe I’m at the maximum for this controller. Probably should have sprung for the digi quad. But it works with 325 pixels per channel (2 channels) for a grand total of 1950 LEDs. I don’t power the strips directly from the controller since it’s only rated for 25 amps max and I’m running a 50 amp power source. So I’m just using the 2 data outputs. I have grounded the dig uno to my power source though. All is as it should be for now.

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