No Lights for WS2815, WLED and Dig-Quad

Attempting my first LED project: Dig-Quad (v3), WS2815 12v 5m w/ 60 LED/m having flashed WLED 0.13.3.

Powered everything on and have the Dig-Quad light on and the ESP32 board light. 12.03v out from the PSU, 12.00v out from the LED connector attached to the Dig-Quad. 11.65v out at the tail of the LED strip.

Data cable (green) is in position LED1. Data cable for backup (blue) is GND.

I have WLED setup for WS2815 (12mA) and length of 300. Tried on 2 sets of new LED strips.

I’m not sure where to go next to determine where I went wrong. Not sure this is a Dig-Quad setup issue, a WLED setup issue or both. :slight_smile: Any guidance in the right direction would be appreciated!

Ok. Decided to move the data cable to LED4 position on the Dig-Quad, and changed my GPIO to 4 in WLED. Lights are on. I’ll try some other configs for this board. Assuming this means there’s a potential issue with LED1 on my pre-assembled board.