Can't get led's to turn on using digi quad

I have ws2812b strips on the outside of my house. I have two separate runs of strip lights(upper and lower roof line). each run has ~600 leds and they are being powered by a 5v 60amp power supply. I originally had this setup using a esp8266 running wled v10 with no issues. i have not used the lights in a few months and when i went to turn them on for the 4th, i was unable to get the esp8266 to connect to the wifi. instead of troubleshooting i figured this would be a good time to switch out the esp8266 for the digi quad that i had ordered.

I flashed the digi quad to wled v12 and got it hooked up. I am able to connect to if via my browser and the wled app. I have the data line in led 1 and led 2. in the wled config i set led 1 to pin 16 and led 2 to pin 1 and 3. After doing this i am still unable to get any led’s to turn on.

I connected a new led strip, to see if there was an issue with my led’s on the house and the new one doesn’t light up either?

I tested the power input and output on the digi board and it is a little bit above 5v. Does anyone know what the output voltage on the data line should be, if any?

Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue?

I was able to get my esp8266 connected to the wifi again so i may try to put that back in, since i know that was working at one point.

You may need to modify the LED configuration. Let’s first focus on “LED 1” strip and get that working.
Data pin (on the DigQuad terminal) should be somewhere between 0 and 5VDC depending on the effect. Solid colors should give a fairly stable value. Dynamic effects should give fluctuating voltage.

Reset the LED configuration. Is LED 1 on GPIO 16 (D0 on D1 Mini / NodeMCU)? Feel free to reference for the DigQuad you have.

Once you set the pin, save and restart WLED (v12.x - I recommend getting the very latest release that came out fairly recently), does segment 0 (LED strip 1) start at pixel 0 and go to the correct number of pixels on that strip?

I did a bit more testing this morning and still can’t get the lights that are on the house to work. i disconnected the strips from the output on the digi board and connected a small strip i had laying around and got it to work, so the board appears to be working. maybe it is having an issue with the larger number of leds. i re-connected one of the strip lights on the house using the same spots i had my test strip on and nothing. the volts on the data pin might be my problem. on led 1 i only seem to get .3 volts. on led 2 i am getting about 1 volt. it doesn’t seem to change much when i change the brightness or the effect.

I tested the voltage at the start of my led strip light on the house and i was getting 5v for power and pretty much zero on the data line.

It turns out i must have had a power spike and the first led was fried on my outdoor strip. i cut out the first led and reconnected my wires and it worked. thanks for helping me investigate.

Glad you found the root cause of the problem! Nicely done.