One led strip flashing randomly

Im new to WLED so go easy on me lol. I have 3 WS2815 led strips set up currently. 2 on one data line and the 3rd on a second data line. the first 2 run flawlessly. the 3rd will function in line with the rest but randomly flashes oddly. Im not sure how to describe it. I have tripple checked my wiring and all seems good. Am i missing a setting in WLED thats causing this? seems that if i dim the lights way down it doesnt happen as often. im running a 30 amp power supply with power injected along each strip so i dont think voltage is my issue. Thanks for any help!

What are you using for a controller?
What version of WLED?
How many LEDs in each strip?
Have you got the initial BI input connected to ground for each strip?

What happens if you move the strips to the other pins you’re using? For eg if strip 1 is on pinA, 2 on pinB and 3 on pinC, move 1 to B, 2 to C and 3 to A. Does the flashing move or stay with the strip?

I’m using a QuniLED Dig Quad controller

Version 0.13.3

300 LEDs per strip / 600 per channel

I have both data pins wired together on the led strip. That was the only way i could find shown for 8215 on QuinLED site. its working great for the first channel but now that I’m trying to add a second channel its going nuts…but only on the second channel. first is still working great.

I’m about to try using a different channel and see if it still gives the same result. it was late and i was extremely frustrated with it last night. I’m sorry for the incomplete post last night. Thanks for the help and hopefully I’ve given better info this time.

The manufacturer specs on the WS2815 says to tie the 1st BI input to ground, that’s standard for the “backup data” types of LED.

An ESP32 MCU should be good and the Dig Quad has a builtin level shifter so that should be good.
Definitely report on moving the strips/pins.
What GPIO’s are you using?

Do I read that correctly as a total of 900 LEDs or 1800 LEDs?
What does your “LED Memory Usage:” under Config->LED Preferences look like?

I have seen that before about grounding the BI but all i could find on wiring the Dig Quad showed tying them together so i went with that. i will go back and change that and be sure to stick to that from here on out.

I went out and tried that to the 3rd strand (start of channel 2 and where the problems started) with no difference. Started thinking i might have had a bad strand so i swapped it out and same problem on second strand.

I’m running a 4 pair in the track with my lights to carry data to the second channel. I took and wired the strand directly to the Dig and it works perfectly. I’m assuming my issue is somewhere in my wiring for data. I think I’m going to have to come up with a plan B for that.

Currently i have a total of 600 leds on channel one and I’m adding around 450 to channel 2. that will get me the full length I’m trying to run. Everything i read said the Dig could handle 600 per channel no problem and that’s been the case for channel 1 so far. the memory isn’t even moving the slider,ill have to go back and double check the actual usage.

Starting to sound like a strip/layout issue.

You might be falling into the “too far from the last pixel to the next” category.
Take a look at the Long Data Lines section of the KB.

The other thing to watch for is routing your data lines near/parallel the power and/or injection lines.
That tends to pick up noise.

That’s what it was. I ran a new data line outside of the track away from the power and everything is working perfectly now. Thank you for the help!