Wled not working with dig uno

i recently tried to set up a Quinled Dig uno to a 100 led set of 2811 bullet style led’s . first I could not get wled to recognize my light strand, so i found the ip address in my router and put it in with that… I have 12 volts going from the dig uno to the lights and the data cable from the dig uno to the lights but no lights working and it is not the voltage… any ideas

Hi and welcome!
If your lights don’t light up at all, make sure the ground wire of the WS2811 is properly connected to ground on the Dig Uno. Also make sure that the jumper to select the LED pin on the board is set to GPIO 2. If you are unsure, send a picture of your wiring :slight_smile:

Which firmware did you load on your D1 Mini?