Dig Quad V3 with Xlights set up, cannot get it to work

I have now 2 DIg quads in stead of 6 loose ESP32. But I cannot get Xlights to work properly with the 2 boards. (WLED V12) All effects are messed up and all over the place, already in the sequence tab. (they were fine with the loose ESP32 boards).

Board 1: universe 1-15 (1053 LEDS connected via 4 outputs)
Board 2 universe 16-30 (769 LEDS connected via 2 outputs)

I started with the props connected to the boards via startchannel->controller 1; startchannel 1-4) ad controller 2; startchannel 1-2) but alle the effects are messed up.

I tried to change the ports but no joy. I am a little scared I cannot get my christmas display to work this year… any help is much appreciated!


I did 1 giant string per controller and the sequence tab is now working as it should. But how does is now now which output of WLED is connected to which prop?

When props are configured, they get the universe, start / stop and the prop layout (ordering around the prop). Did you follow an existing pattern when laying out the prop LEDs so you only needed the universe and starting point?

Hello HUggy-d1, I created the props and connected them in Xlights like I did in realtime. Only I have 2x digquad and I dont understand the ports.

I have 4 candycanes on output 1 and other stuff on output 2 in Xlights it’s one string. At first I had it cnfigured for output 1 and 2 but that does not work.

I am sorry but I don’t understand the thoughtproces with multiple outputs on 1 controller???

In the Excel it’s also the way the LEDS are connected to the outputs and in what series. The Universes I did 1-15 15-30 by hand.

I found the problem, in 1 controller, in the LED settings, the start led of each output was messed up. I adjusted it by hand (all prevvious outputs+1) and it now works like a dream. Note: on the second DIgquad the startLED is greyed out, same WLED version (V0.13.0-b6). BUt anyway, now I can use Xlights!! :partying_face: (but first some more wiring…

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