DMX/e1.31 effect control

I have the dmx/e1.31 controlling wled’s effects and it is working great. I was wondering if there was a way to have wled stay on the effect it is on when it loses a dmx/e1.31 connection? Currently wled returns to a black state with no colours selected and the LEDs off.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Unfortunately, I do not believe there is such an option.

E1.31 / Art-Net / DDP / etc. are each real-time protocols. When there’s real-time data, WLED allows that to control the output. When the real-time protocol stops sending data for a time (default is 2.5 seconds), then WLED resumes control. This is the behavior of many devices supporting these protocols (ESPixelStick, WLED, and others).

Even if you adjust the code to keep the last data, it would only be a static setting of the current colors for each pixel … it would not be an “effect”.

If this is really what you want for your case, then search for the variable realtimeTimeoutMs and the function realtimeLock() in the code, and have fun.

Please be aware that (imho) the likelihood of such changes being accepted to the main fork are very low, as it’s an extreme edge case, and doesn’t match the behavior of existing devices.

I my point of view the “Timeout” can/should be used to configure this behavior as needed.

Check this issue: DMX proxy does not work