Validation requested for expanded segment effects over e1.31

I have proposed a change to WLED which allows 2D segment options to be controllable via the segment options channel when communicating via e1.31 in one of the Effect DMX modes.

The PRs in question are:

The build of WLED will allow each segment option effect to be enabled in any combination following the method documented in the docs PR link above.

If anyone has a 2D setup and can communicate with their WLED installation via e1.31, I’d greatly appreciate this code be independently verified.


Maybe there are not many people controlling WLED with DMX using 2D Matrix segment options.

I can confirm, that your changes are backwards compatible for 1D WLED setups controlled by DMX scenes. I tested it by applying already saved static DMX scenes using WLED 0.14 (without your changes) and afterwards applying same scenes to WLED 0.15 (with your changes). All 1D stripe segment options act the same in both versions. So at least I can say your changes do not effect 1D effect option channels as setup with WLED 0.14.

I didn’t test if there are performance drops, higher DMX control latency as before. Which may be introduced by bitfield comparison with current WLED segment option - for details refer to my comment here. If someone could test performance for E1.31 segment option changes in 2D (WLED 0.15) compared to 1D (WLED 0.14), this would be great.

IMO this new 2D segment option E1.31 feature is great and can be merged into mainline.

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