DMX Effect Mode Refactoring - Beta testing

I implemented some Effect mode refactoring for DMX remote control via E1.31/Artnet.

As far as I have tested, it should work as described in this PR: Refactored DMX effect mode + new segment controls by mxklb · Pull Request #2891 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub

It would be nice if someone here is able to test it and provide some feedback …

the preset modes can still be used to load a playlist as a scene
why start at dmx address 501 to have only 11 channels? in soundswitch with the current version I use effect mode with only 11 channels whatever the address of the led strip and I haven’t found anything byzarre I can call the presetids in the attributes but I can’t find all the preset integrated in wled and yet I have scanned the bits from 0 to 255 one by one.

I have to compile which version to test your release or you would already have a bin in esp 8266 because I thought you had merged with the official release but by flashing I don’t have the modes and I tried your guthub the same no other mode than the previous ones but I did an update of existing wled maybe a full slow reflash would be better but by cloning your guthib pr I have errors to save with missing parameters and still not the different modes
thank you again for this work

Thank you very much for your tests and feedback …

@madmax compile the PR code and you’re fine, else you did it wrong or missed something.

Using one or more DMX channels to control presets in Effect Segment modes doesn’t make sense. This is because presets are per WLED instance and not per segment! Even some presets save segments. If current docs are correct, only preset 16 saves segment states. It could be discussed to utilize presets in Effect or Effect+White modes new channel … TBD. But as far as I understand, presets are WLED internal and have nothing to do with DMX scenes (= DMX Presets). With DMX remote control in general you don’t need WLED presets, instead you define DMX scenes and fire them… By the way docs says only 1-10 segments are supported (maybe that is why addess threshold is 501). Nevertheless old Presets implementation is not documented and does not comply with general DMX fixture address layouts as usual DMX fixtures define. Occupying fixed DMX addresses > 501 is in general a bad DMX fixture design decision. What would you do if there were other fixtures occupying channels > 501 in your universe :upside_down_face: ?

Please don’t refer/talk about soundswitch especially! This is an implementation which is a general DMX remote control for WLED Effect modes (inkl. segments utilized as single DMX fixtures). As far as I looked into soundswitch it propose to be able to control DMX fixtures, so it shall be able to define fixtures of any kind of DMX channel layout. External software fixture mapping has nothing to do with this refactoring!


I’m going to create the fixture for soundswtich but I don’t understand what the last channel B2…B3 correspond to

because for different segments we apply another fixture so the RGB are used but the R2G2B2 and R3G3B3 are used for what? thank you

I don’t know if this thread is only for the effects part. If so, please ignore or delete my message. I am not using the effects part but the segments with DMX addressing. I found, that Artnet polling support was not enabled on the new modes as I wrote here. I enabled it and recompiled again and now I can use each segment with a generic 3 channel RGB fixture from SoundSwitch and also from my Numark Mixstream Pro. Everything seems to work fine. I also flashed two stripe controllers and I can control both of them if everything is set up right (e.g. no overlapping DMX address). I mentioned some strange behaviour of the first segment, but this seems not related to the DMX feature as it only happens in effect mode without any DMX usage.

Hi how many led segments do you make by using autoscript I don’t think it’s great you get something right?

I have a 180 LED strip and I split it segments @30 led. I can set the to different washer groups and then I get nice results, even with autoscript. If I use the dynamic preset in autoscript it’ll creeate chases and stobes and I like it.

You can have a look at the result here. File will be auto-deleted tomorrow.

ok thank you I will try suddenly you put fixtures in wash primary, secondary and tertiary on the same led strip? and you use the DRGB mode? and it takes into account the 6 segments?

Yes. I created 6 segments a 30 led each. Then I created a venue in SoundSwitch with 6 fixtures of the type “1129 RGB - 125mm” starting at address 1 up to address 18. I grouped the fixtures in two groups left and right from the middle of the stripe (as suggested in the SoundSwitch HowTo Movie). In addition I set the following from right to left in the fixture settings “wash primary”, “wash secondary”, “wash primary”, “wash primary”, “wash secondary”, “wash primary”. Then autoscripted and the result you can find in the movie. I also tried with “wash tertiary” and “spot” combinations but the problem is, that they mostly use different colors in autoscript and if you have to many different colors the result will be a white and bright room. At the moment I am preparing the second stripe not to use a breadboard :smiley: Then it will be easier to separate the colors so they will not mix that easy. I use “Segments RGB” on WLED.

Unfortunately my actual build does not save the segment setting to survive a powercycle. But I think this is not related to the DMX stuff. After powercycle it is always reset to one segment “zero”

you have to make your segments and save as a preset in wled and recall the preset at startup

i don’t see “Segments RGB? if have single rgb or segment effect

I cloned and build that code which includes the segment code:

Thank you all for testing. “Segment RGB” isn’t implemented here, please read PR description carefully and you should exactly know what’s implemented. Please test the described new features and provide feedback on them. For testing you need E1.31/Artnet software to handle DMX channel layouts correctly.

@madmax R2G2B2 = second WLED color, R3G3B3 = third WLED color, same for white modes.

don’t know what these colors are for, only one segment is seen so you just need RGB, no need for R2G2B2 and R3G3B3, there is already this problem with the 11channel fixture where there is R2B2G2, these colors cannot be used on the same segment or else you have to do this for 3 segments with just one fixture and no need to add more fixtures but I may not have understood but it’s not very logical the secondary colors have nothing to do here

@madmax you totally missed the point; RTM before posting. It should be completely clear when using WLED effects what these 3 colors are for. This is not a WLED FAQ thread, please open another thread for general questions, thanks. Connect proper DMX software (using E1.31 or Artnet) to control WLED effect channels as described in the PR. Do it for all refactored modes and come back if you find anything not working as described. This is what this thread is about.

This thread is for beta testing refactoring of WLED DMX remote control “Effect mode”.

@dzelionis could you please move your feature request suggestions into another thread?

Keep in mind that this thread is not about soundswitch, autoscript or any other external software usage in general. Nevertheless any DMX software doing e131|artnet properly should be able to handle the new “Effect” modes implemented. Dependency is: It must use correct WLED DMX mode channel mappings as documented :wink: Please come back if you find something not working as described in my PR. Thanks …

By the way nice setup you’re working on :slight_smile:

@mxklb ,sorry i will after tomite read it…as i dont have his direct contact…

also, it may be that i found a bug, still testing it,will update you after…

some videos of my stuff… 20Watt RGB LASER is build and engineered by me

@mxklb , hmmm so if i use:
// 15 channels per segment; max[#] = floor[512/(11+DMXSegmentSpacing)]

do i required to provide the segment id, or that’s optional ? as my understanding would be that the next fixture would be the next segment id…???

Also comment near that mode says its 15 channel fixture but “loor[512/(11+DMXSegmentSpacing)]” here its looks like 11 ?