I am looking for a simple getting-started guide to using ArtNet - the documentation did not answer my questions.
So, I am trying to control WLED with Artnet in my Wifi network. My control software has inputs for “remote host” and “remote port”. As “remote host”, I’ve put the IP of the WLED device in my network, but what should I use as the port? Which port is WLED listening on? The default of 6455 in the control software does not work, and the only open port I could find by port scanning was the HTTP 80 port.
I have set “Network DMX input type” to ArtNet in “Sync Interfaces”. I only see port settings for " WLED Broadcast", which I don’t think has anything to do with ArtNet.

How do I get ArtNet control to work?

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I have the same problem.

Hi there!
What do you use for sending artnet data? If it is your pc for example, and your ip is 192.168.0.anything, send the artned to This is the broadcast address. Tik the broadcast in wled and it will listen to the artnet data that is sent on broadcast address. So you can send to multiple wleds and not just directly. Watch out for artnet universe adress to be correct on both sides the same net.

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I am using my PC with the vvvv software.
I set the vvvv ArtNet node to send to the broadcast .255 address, and ticked “Multcast” in WLED settings. I then got “WLED is receiving live Art-Net data from” in the WLED UI.
I can confirm that I have control of the LEDs over ArtNet!

Edit: the port that worked was 6454, this works even with the direct connection (not broadcast). The port was 6455 by default in vvvv, which I think is what caused the issue.

If you like to have more advanced Artnet Control, inkl. Segments as DMX Fixtures, try:

Note: You just have to compile the PR code yourself :star_struck: