Art-Net & SoundSwitch

I use a WT32-S1 with the WT32-ETH01 Ethernet Type on Version 0.13.1.

I want control WLED with SoundSwitch over Art-Net. SoundSwitch has allready a fixture for it.
But my SoundSwitch can´t find the WLED Art-NET. For example has “J!nx” no problems to be detected.
I tried to search for the Art-Net output from WLED with other programs, but found nothing.
I think there is a problem with activating or sending Art-Net from WLED.
Wifi and Ethernet is working fine.

Thanks, Dennis

dennis, did you ever figure this out?

Yes, works fine now with the new 0.14.0-b1 version.
My Config. :
Wled App : Network DMX Input Type : Art-Net
Multicast: yes
Universe: 0
DMX Start adress: the one from soundswitch
DMX Mode : Single DRGB ( I only want Dimmer and RGB)

SS : Fixture : All Manufacturers - Wled- ESP8266DMX(Chn = 4)

Arduino I use now : D1 Mini Pro

-You need all Arduinos and your Pc on same WLAN-Network.

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