Not all artnet presets available in Wled Sound reactive

Hi There,

I have my first artnet project with wled. I use the wled with sound reactive version. I see that not all the presets in artnet are available. I want to use the Preset: Effect + White but it is not in the menu. is this only available in the normal wled version?

Preset: Effect + White is available in 14 ( 14 includes an Audio reactive usermod )

I’ve updated to version 0.14.0-b1 but it is stil not in the puldown menu

You have to compile WLED and include the audio reactive user mod. It’s not built in, but it’s available.

Supposedly there are places where you can download it already compiled in, but not officially from WLED.

the sound active part is not important . I want to use the artnet preset or effect +white function . and even after the update to 0.14.0-b1 it is not there in the setup. i dont know what I do wrong?

Updated versions are here WLED installation (

Thanks ALDIY for your help,

The link you send has the 0.14.0-b2 bin where al the new Artnet presets are present. Only downside is that I use ethernet and the new 0.14.0-b2 has no LAN support. is there a way to make it work? 0.14.0-b1 supports ethernet?

You could use the bins from here WLED-wemos-shield/resources/Firmware at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub ( there are bins for Ethernet on latest ) .

You could also compile from source which might be best