Artnet First pixel next universe flashes blue

has anyone managed to solve this problem using Artnet?
wled is a beautiful project but unfortunately for this problem it is impossible to use it Artnet (resolume, madmapper) …
it would be enough (but I don’t know how to do it) to change the artnet library with others that seem to be much better, more recent …

Hi! any news? Did someone solve this issue?

Does this issue still occur on v0.13.1?

Yes, this problem still occurs, today I checked the latest version (testing on ESP32-POE). sACN works fine, but ArtNet doesn’t. At the moment, the operation of this protocol does not make sense because it works correctly only for one universe :frowning:

This is an issue that I wrote about in another topic, i.e. most programs send 512 channels, but send 0 on the last two channels. Probably only jinx, not sends the last two channels (only sends 510).

I will be grateful for any help :slight_smile: