Map ArtNet Universes to Pixel Strips

Hi there,

I am trying to setup artnet universes to control pixel strips with WLED on ESP8266.

I’ve managed to get 170 Pixels working as per the docs for Universe 0, but wondering how I map other universes?

Ideally I would want something like this…

Strip 1 on Pin 2

Univ1: [0…169] Univ2: [169…339]

Strip 2 on Pin 1

Univ3: [0…169] Univ4: [169…339]

Is there any way to set up like this?


Oh! I think I realized my mistake. I had my DMX proxy Universe set to 1, so Universe 1 was getting ignored. Everything seems to work as expected now with just a single LED Output and no further configuration needed. Universe 1 data just comes after Universe2

However I am seeing a single flickering pixel right at the pixel that is the border between universe 1 and 2. I suppose this is because my sender (TouchDesinger) is sending the full 512 DMX channels, and WLED is getting that but also the data from Universe 1.

Is there any fix for that issue?

For some reason, I recall Universe length in WLED is limited, not to 512, but something lower - I think 510. Check the WLED Wiki for DMX details.

Yeah I think you are right. It’s pretty strange to differ from the standard like that… I guess it is convenient for RGB data but I would prefer if it would just ignore the last two bytes…

I need to dig into what it does with the data to figure out how to fix. I don’t quite understand how it goes from ArtNet to pixel addresses.