Madrix y resolume falla de universos

The artnet system works well, the only drawback I see is that with JINX it takes universe 0 channel 0. In MADRIX OR RESOLUME the values ​​start from number 1. This is not a problem for the wled in the first universe since it can be configured that I started channel 1, but for the rest because in the chain of universes there is a continuous channel for the leds. since the WLED takes universe 2 channel 0 as its start, and that cannot be modified. I have tried resolume and madrix and they have a good transfer, the only drawback is the order of the universe and channel
If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it.
The blue flicker was eliminated by starting the universe 0 channel 1 after doing that in the jix there were no more flickers of blue leds for each beginning of the universe

what is your wled ver use?

last version